Have you ever heard of Time Capsule?

A fun and bonding activity that will be remembered in the future.

A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, intended as a method of communication with future people, family or with ourselves. Time capsules are sometimes created and buried during celebrations such as a world’s fair, a cornerstone laying for a building, or created and hidden during summer vacations, birthdays, beginning of the year or at other events in life. Some people even write letters for themselves to be delivered in a certain date, as a bank investment!

Time capsules are placed with the intention that they will be opened or accessed at a future date.

Check out these ideas and create your own time capsule with your family or friends!!

  • Write a letter to your future self, a stranger or someone that you like. It’s important to consider: Who will be reading this message in the future? Would you like to open your own message in the future? What do you expect to share with the reader? Why are you writing it?
  • Choose a special container, that can be a shoe box, a chest, a bag or whatever you might like, and add stuff that you treasure: a special letter, a type of flower, your favorite magazine, a nice picture, your favorite lyric… Doesn’t need to be anything expensive, just important. 🙂
  • If you prefer, add stuff that would be relevant for people in the future: a popular toy, labels of famous products or goods, photos, fashion magazines, indicators of technology (ex. A pen-drive, a DVD), a journal…
  • This is a great one to do with teenagers: Write some questions in small pieces of paper, ask them to answer and store them in a sealed jar. Can be a nice present for 18 year old birthday!
  • Choose a duration for your time capsule, seal it and store for the selected amount of time.

Remember that a personal time capsule does not need to be of great duration or durability. Even an year from now your life will probably have changed and the artifacts of today will stir memories.