How to get the most out of your English classes

Have you studied in English for a long time but see little progress, even relying on your teacher’s ability? Have you started a course recently and are eager and in a hurry to learn? Check out the tips below to enjoy your guided learning experience to the fullest!


  • Attend classes on time and / or be ready to start when the Teacher arrives.
  • Be with the material organized at the time of class: It sounds like bullshit, but those minutes that we miss going to get or looking for it make a lot of difference!
  • Leave faults for emergencies and replace them when possible.
  • Do homework as instructed by Teacher: Reviewing, memorizing, and practicing without teacher support are essential for rapid progress.
  • Participate actively: speak out, ask questions, and listen carefully.



After the class, reflect on what you’ve learned and use your favorite memorization technique:

  • It could be writing in the notebook, doing exercises, explaining to someone, watching videos…
  • Set aside one or two days a week to review what you’ve studied and your questions.
  • Always keep a notebook handy to write down questions and check with the Teacher on your next class.
  • Do not stop studying while on vacations: read,, practice, watch movies and review content learned throughout the year.